Girls, what kind of guy do you want to hang out with?

hey girls I have a question, what kind of guy do you have to be to make you want to hangout/ chill with him? I'm not saying like going out with the guy just like chill with as a friend on Fridays? also how let someone know you want to hang out with them?


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  • as in a friend...

    someone I have things in common with

    he doesn't have to have a sense of humor, but he's gotta know how to laugh

    someone I'm comfortable pigging out in front in, I'm not self conscious with you

    • I keep calling my friends some boys and girls but like for 3 weeks straight they have all bailed on me for excuses I don't know if its me or not but like nothing happened its just they seem like rediculuos reasons for bailing out on me when we want to hang out what do you think?


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  • How to let them know, just tell them!

    And I love to chill with any guy that can make me laugh. Humorous people keep my attention and it makes it more fun when you're not so serious all the time. At the same time, it's cool to feel like you're with someone that is trust-worthy/dependable.

  • Funny, sense of humor, not bitchy or whiny (I know some guys like that), uhm all koo with me, and that's pretty much it, I hang out with my guy friends A LOT

  • Funny, honest, kind and some-one you can depend on.


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