She rebounded within 2 weeks!

Dated this girl for 10 months. We broke up simply because the relationship was becoming to hard for her because she perceived I didn't trust her and she had a lot of personal court stuff she was dealing with. When we broke up she said she needed friends and couldn't deal with the kind of drama our relationship had.

Although she hasn't come out and said it, but I think she is already seeing somebody else. I know its a rebound to help ease the breakup on her part. We spoke of long term stuff when we were together and really loved one another. So I know its hard for her and me. I would love to get her back though. Any advice?


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  • I think you should gradually get back into her life. Take it slow. Don't call her telling her how much you love her. Start by being her friend. Give her some time for herself first, then ask her out for coffee to just catch up on her life. Act friendly, nice, considerate, caring, but not pushy or showing any indication of wanting to get back together with her. Gain back her trust, allow her to see that you trust her and care for her without saying it. And eventually you guys can talk about getting back together.

    But right now, she just needs some time


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  • Take it from someone who learned the hard way seeing my friends do this, just move on and forget her. The more you try to get back at her, the harder it is to seek closure.

  • She's rebounding but know that she probly isn't truly over you.