Why do guys like French kiss so much?

What do guys get totally turned on by when French kissing?


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  • Well I'd have to say there's just something about smacking lips with a girl that's just utterly awesome! I think it's beyond words to really tell why I like it I just do because I'm a guy!

  • Mostly (I think) it's the texture and the taste...I don't know.

  • Just depends on the guy...It can be sensual, it can be erotic...Myself, it just depends on the situation whether or not I go into orbit with a slip of the tounge.

  • It just feels really good, and it's something special to share with the girl he likes! :-)

  • Well to me it's just love. I mean if I French kiss a girl in the street I don't get turned on but if it was my girlfiend then I would and I think it's because of love and well it's warm and she tastes good ;)


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  • Guys love it when you tease them, then you start kissing them passionately. Like some guys have certain spots where they like to be kissed, such as the neck, and the ears. Try a variety of things if your relationship with him is deep enough.

    But remember that every guy is different.