Why is it that girls have to work harder than boys?

every morning I get up an hour and a half before leaving the house to get ready. I shower, put make up on and put nice clothes on. not forget the perfume... when boys don't have anything to do but to shower... I mean as a girl I feel self conscious when I don't have make up on or not wearing the right clothes... do boys care? do you guys realize that a girl didn't wear make up a certain day, does she look worse without ? but I'm not talking about massive make up, just enough to look nice and fresh..


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  • Well I wouldn't say I just shower.

    Guy's take care of them selves as well, I do the same as you do except put on make up lol

    When I have longer hair I put gel in as well and that takes time to get it right. I do pick out nice clothes for me to wear to school. I wear cologne and make sure it goes on my pulse points to make sure it lasts through out the day. I get my eyebrows done (cleaned up not shaped)

    I mean it's totally understandable that you feel that way. It sucks that girls have to go through that judgment, that's one of the reasons I get dressed up as well to even it out. Like I think it's no fair that girls have to do all of this just to feel pretty. Girls should feel pretty in the skin their in. They shouldn't be pressured by the media or feel self conscience.

    Honestly, some guys care for the right reasons and the wrong reasons. Some guys will just be jerks about it and say hey man you saw that chick? She was hot! She was dressed like a sl*t, I'm totally gonna hit that! and so on. While good guys won't say anything but appreciate her for what she's wearing consider all the work she put in to getting ready every morning. If I see a girl has taken a lot of her time to get ready and looks nice today I always make sure to compliment her (Sometimes she takes it the wrong way so I just make sure to keep my intentions pure)

    I don't care if she wears sweats with no make up on, I would only get annoyed when we're at a party and she wears sweats. I would like for her to wear sweats and no makeup because that's when she's really her and I can appreciate her for her.

    Honestly I think make up can help a girl's appearance just so long as she knows her limits with it and knows how to apply it.

    Because I saw a video by Michelle Phan and I saw all the makeup she put on and it seemed very minimal but it wasn't at all. She wore about 17 different items but it looked like she was wearing so little. Some girls do look better without makeup and some do look better with makeup. Which one do I prefer? I don't really care I would just say I would like either of them to appreciate what they look like without the makeup.


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  • Maybe at appearance girls have to work harder than boys but to get the person they "love" guys have to work much, much harder.

  • It seems to be a common personality trait of girls that I fancy or have dated that they are kind of repulsed by guys who are too 'buff'... e.g. super-tan, ripped abs, etc. etc. (I guess because it's a sign of being self-obsessed?)

    The girls I like generally prefer a guy who's comfortable as he is but maybe a bit smart / stylish.

    It's not the reason I like those girls, it's just something they all happen to have in common.

    I generally keep myself hygienic and presentable, but don't bother with anything overboard.

  • Yeah, getting ready for school they have to work harder, they have to work harder to impress their friends. They have to work harder at staying in a group.

    Girls don't get it easy.

  • Wow ,please open your eyes and stop spewing ignorance.

    men have to Shave,brush their teeth,shower,put on body spray/deorderant,flosh,comb hair,apply face wash and ext depending on the guy.

    THEN we have to work out,Lifting,crunches,pull ups,running,buy expensive multi vitamans,protein shakes , eat right for what we are trying to keep in shape.

    Then we have to work hard, get a career and make a good amount of money.

    And then after all this we still have to fight each other to get a chance with a decent woman.

    while all you do is get up, jog a little, put on some makeup and stand around while you have to choose between 20 men who to date.

    • arent you just one of the most frustrated guy I've ever heard. chillax gay looking straight dude

  • All things even out. You gotta work harder getting ready. We gotta work harder asking you out.

    You stand there and look pretty while the guy gets up the balls to come over and talk to the pretty girl who may possibly crush is soul...

    I'd say you got the better end of the deal.


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  • I go to one of my classes without makeup, my hair in a messy ponytail, and kinda sweaty and a little smelly probably from a boxing class I just had, and I still get treated the same, I still get looks and I still get talked to. Its not my preferred outfit or uniform, but its not the end of the world.

  • Yes boys care.The second a girl doesn't apply make-up or get all dressy she's said to not care about her appearance,let herself go or not take care of herself.

    Guys expect girls to look like Megan Fox without it taking an hour

  • Good looking guys do more than just shower. They put in effort just like us. They may not need to do their makeup, or have as much hair to do elaborate things with it. But they work out, style their hair, pick out stylish outfits, maybe tan or get waxed, they use products to take care of their skin and all that. Don't feel bad that you have to work hard. there are girls that put in little to no effort but they don't look good, just like the guys who don't put in effort. Beauty is power in society. Don't believe it? Ugly yourself up for a month and see how different people perceive you. So use your beauty to an advantage and don't feel bad for having it.