Speech problem is a HUGE turnoff for girls. Speech therapy isn't helping. What to do?

All my life I've had a speech problem. The natural way I speak I talk in a flat monotone that is expressionless and emotionless. It's just the way I naturally speak. I have to deliberately try to inject some variation in my voice pitch but when I do I stutter REALLY REALLY bad. And this really puts girls off when I'm trying to talk to them because I either slip into my monotone voice without thinking about it (what's natural to me) or I stutter so bad I can't get a sentence out.

I saw a speech therapist for 3 years as a child but it didn't help much, and I've started seeing one again recently but it doesn't seem to be helping.

What can I do? What should I do? And girls, are there any of you out there who wouldn't be totally creeped out by this?


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  • I have to be honest with you. If a guy spoke to me in a flat monotone it would totally creep me out because it would make him look like a serial killer. The stuttering thing can be cute at first but that wears off quick because it gets frustrating trying to hold a conversation with someone who stutters like Porky Pig. I'm sure you're a nice guy but I honestly can't see any girl giving you the time of day if your speech problem really is as bad as you say because the way you talk just screams "PSYCHO SERIAL KILLER!"

    Wish I could offer help on how to "fix" it but if speech therapy isn't helping I'm totally lost. Sorry...


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  • I think it's important to be up front with any potential females that you meet about your speech. For the most part, I don't think it's really an impediment because no one is perfect. It is extremely difficult to find a nice, stable, intelligent guy who you mesh with. It's no different than dating someone in a wheelchair, has lost a limb or hair or maybe was scarred in an accident or fire. Personally, it wouldn't bother me at all.

    If you are driven and want to explore possible options, I would research certified speech therapists and schedule a consult. Sometimes you have to see a few before you find someone who you are comfortable with and has suggested therapies. If you aren't comfortable with this then research books with exercises that might help as well.

  • your not monotone online. meet someone on the internet there's lots of datin websites that can help you out then if you find someone that thinks your funny and a really nice guy and you connect with them then its time to tell them your secret. if they reject you then there not right for you anyway. someone will love you just the way you are. but in the meantime keep working on it =]

  • There's nothing you can do. It's who you are.

  • I'm not an expert, and I don't know what you can do or should do, but I would recommend keeping you're head hold high and working on it.

    I'm not sure what you mean with 'montone voice' but I don't think I would be creeped by either of it, unless you look like marilyn manson and its in a dark alley.Well on the other hans its not exactly a turn on either, but stuttering can be cute, since it usually shows nervousness.

    • Basically talking like a robot in a flat dull consistent pitch that carries no emotion or expression.

    • Idk I really can't imagine that or think of anyone who talks that way, sry

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  • The best thing you can do it's tell the truth to the person if you stutter, or feeling you are creeping her out. Like "sorry bout that, I have this problem". It's something you don't see everyday, if you do that she will know you are not a creeper, you just have a problem like anyone of us, no one is perfect

    Let her know it's JUST a speech problem, not a psychological disorder or insecurity