Why did he stop texting? need help from guys! girls are welcome as well!

so we talked a lot. flirted a lot over the weekend. and then on Monday he responded to a text. everything seemed fine, and haven't heard from him since?

i know he liked me... but now I just don't know.what happened? I haven't texted him a lot since Monday. maybe like 3 texts.

but seriously... I like him, and need some advice. because I am so clueless. the guy shows all the signs of liking me. its just so strange...

maybe he lost his phone? or something? or maybe he is not interested. but if he wasn't interested he wouldn't have even responded on Monday. I don't get it!

however his sisters wedding is this week? maybe he is just busy?

please help me with this. I would be so grateful!


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  • It could be that he's looking for more than just text flirting... it can get annoying to feel like you're being led on when a girl just texts flirty things but never makes a move or gives you the opportunity to make one.

    More likely tho he's probably just busy.

    • :) I told him I liked him like yesterday. and I still need to hear from him lol. I texted that I misunderstood his question and wanted to know if he meant the same.... :(

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    • Lool, the suspense is killing you. I learned a new thing from you. do this to girls on purpose. respond late. they will freak out, and probably come to my house and knock my door down to demand answers. this is awesome. and yah like what the other guy said. we are told by some girl somewhere, never respond soon, cause it will make you sound desperate and needy. soo... you will be waiting longer. hahah

    • Yeah we are back to texting again lol :)


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  • Yeah give him some time... It could be a number of things from the sounds of it but if he likes you, he will definitely get back with you.

    That's all I can say is keep waiting for a little while, and if he doesn't text back soon, move on. Plenty of great guys out there...

    • Part 3

      He was raised without a father.

      He is a hopeless romantic, and would never hurt a girl or lead them on. Early this year his ex girlfriend broke his heart. And I think that maybe he is still trying to mend from the heart break.

      But over all he seems very much into me, but something happened and he has not even texted me back. We flirted a lot in texts, and texted me early Sunday morning saying he was sorry he fell asleep while we were talking. Some of his texts also seem to show signs of him liking me.

      Is that enough? Lol


    • Yeah it seems like he might be trying to get over her still, likes you, but might not be entirely ready... Things sound to be OK, just give it some time and see if anything more comes out of it. Give HIM some time as well, he could be scared of getting hurt again. Just be patient with him! :)

    • I know :) thanks. I just hope that's the case. well you know him liking me but being scared. but I am not a heart-breaker lol.. I just wish he would realize that. I texted him, saying I hope he has a fun time at the wedding this weekend, and that I was sorry I was so forward. also checking in to see if he was okay,,,, lol

  • he might be just testing the waters taking a break on texting you to see how you react

    I know I wasn't sure how a girl felt really so I kinda took a break texting/calling her (longestweek ever)

    But she was interested and she called me in the morning and it totally lit up my whole like weekend

  • Before I can hope to give an opinion, I need to know more about him.

    • More about it. Well he is super sweet. Funny. Caring like a few weeks ago I was crying because someone ruined my best friends birthday party. And he was there to give me a hug. Really I was fine, and I had to pull away from him.

      He always stares at me, even when I am always in another room, people mention that he is always looking in the direction of the room I am in. when I catch him looking at me, he suddenly looks away .

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    • Understand that he hasn't magically disappeared, never to be seen again. I don't know where you two normally see each other, but you will definitely meet again. Be sure to try and keep in contact with him through text daily while he is on this hiatus. 1 message a day seems good. If he is hesitant because of his ex, it will mean a lot to him.

    • Thanks! I just hope he didn't decide to just not like me all together. :(

  • its over move on

  • he stopped texting because he ran out of texts

  • text flirting can become boring for a guy at a certain point...

    • But I want more then text flirting! :(

    • Maybe you didn't make it clear...

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  • Alright I have this same thing going on but I finally just said forget about it this guy is a P.O.S (piece of sh!t) if he really likes you he will put out the effort to talk to you so don't try and talk to him at all and if he really likes you he will do whatever it take to talk to you but if not then he is just like the guy that I'm dealing with

  • seeing its his sisters wedding he is probibly busy. but if that's not the case than maybe if you go to work with him or school talk to him there and see what's going on what's the worst that can happen ?