I'm bad at reading signs.

I just got back from my first date with this girl. I drove 45 min to pick her up and take her to dinner, after dinner we drove to a park and just talked and listened to music. After that I dropped her off and gave her a hug good bye. During the date we talked a lot and laughed but there was still those awkward silence times. This girl is pretty cool and I would like to get to know her more. Problem is I'm bad at reading signs as to is she into me or not. I've always been bad at this with girls I don't know all that well. What are some things that might she might have done on the date that I can look back on that might show she was interested in me and want to go on another date? What are some things you girls do on a first date so show interest in a date?


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  • Text them later on that night say thank you or the next morning seeing how they are :) A kiss on the cheak when leaving or a cuddle.. If she likes you she will want to catch up again, just try to organize something else and see if she's interested.


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  • Simple, ask her out again if she likes you she will say yes...