When is the right time to kiss her?

Girls, what are some signs that you give that would tell me if you want me to kiss you?

I've been told I'm an extremely good kisser, I've had like 7 girls tell me they love how I kiss and they love my lips. I'm not shy whatsoever, and I can tell when a girl likes me.

My only problem is when to pop the kiss in.will some females please help me here?

I'm noticing that this girl that I kind of like has been looking at my lips when I talk to her. I'm hearing that's an invitation to kiss but I'm not thinking that's what it always means.


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  • I think whatever you do. (cause I got my first guy kiss ever 5 days ago) do it slowly. Start by rubbing your hand against her leg. just the affectionate way that you would a sister, and then don't stop doing it. and then start placing your hands near hers, and holding her hand, then start putting your arm around her, then lean in really close and put your face next to hers. just move into it SLOWLY.


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  • Big time that's a major tell tale sign. It's so obvious you'll see it in all the body language books. Just get close to her, so your faces lean into eachother, if she's looking at your lips she will lean in too. Get your faces close look into her eyes, then look at her lips, then half close your eyes and lean in and just kiss her. That's the best way, when it's kind of cosy and done sort of slowly so you feel the build up to it.

  • when I want a guy to kiss me, I keep glancing at his lips when he's talking to me and kind of bite my bottom lip a little. I sit closer to him then usual, hold his hand a little more, and look into his eyes a lot (when I'm not looking at his lips haha) these are some signs taht she wants to kiss you :) good luck. when you kiss her the first time do it slow, its much better that way

  • When she least expects it. I like when a guy surprises me.


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