Meeting someone online who looks different in person?

I recently joined a dating Web site because I am a bit shy and pretty busy at work.

It's going OK, but I recently began talking to this girl who I've been getting along with very well. We talk on the phone and text a lot and plan on meeting soon.

The only problem is...I'm not sure if the pictures in her profile are actually her.

Let me explain:

She has several photos on her profile which are clearly the same person. Very cute photos.

But the other day she wanted to text me a photo.

It look like a different person.

Same hair color and eyes, but her facial structure is different.

Since I was thrown off by this I googled her user name. A different Web site popped up and clicked on it. It had her listed as the same age, location and user name, but with completely different photos. There is one thing if it's the same user name...but it also had listed her as the same age, in the same city.

Am I freaking out? Or what?

Would someone actually make a online dating profile, spend time talking and getting to know someone and plan on hanging out with them, but not even put a real picture of them up? Doesn't she think I'd be super freaked out if when we meet I realize she isn't the person in the photos?



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  • what I would do if I was you - tell her to meet you somewhere and look from afar, like a place you can see her from the distance (call her on her mobile)...until you know if it's her or its some phony chick.

    dont meet her face to face if it ain't her, thatd be freaky...i would do a bolt


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  • i definately think she won't show up .. She playing u...

  • She might not actually show up. Just saying. If she's using different pictures on different sites. Sounds odd.


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  • Yea that's the problem with online dating. What I'm guessing she is thinking is that she will use the picture of an attractive woman to attract men to her profile. Then by talking and getting to know a guy more, she is hoping that when she tells you the truth that you will forgive her and still want to date regardless of her appearance.

  • Use tineye, it's an image search engine. There's a firefox or chrome addon for it too, you right click a picture and then it will search the web looking for a match. If she's just using random photos from some p*rn star's site or whatever it should catch it. It's also great if you do web work as jerks out there will steal your web content, product photos, that sort of thing.