What should I do now?

so I've know this girl a while. It always seems like she is flirting with me. And we always have good conversations. So I got her phone number after seeing her out two nights in a row. Then I decide to text her to tell her hey and so she would have my number, and I told her that I was glad we had seen each other this weekend...but she didn't text me back...WTF...what should I do now...she seems like she is interested most of the time but sometime I just don't know and then she didn't text me back...what should I do now..


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  • Girls sometimes take a long time to respond like guys do. It doesn't mean she doesn't like you, it just means she is busy doing something else. Was when you guys went out specified as a date? Does she know you like her? These are all questions you need answers to or you might just be friend zoned. Good luck


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  • Her not texting you back isn't the end of the world. Maybe she was busy when you sent it and it slipped her mind. You could always actually call her. Phones do still do that don't they?