Boyfriend hasn't contacted me while I'm overseas

OK, so my boyfriend and I are 'taking a break' but are still in contact. I'm home for 5 wks overseas, and we both agreed to keep in touch regularly. I texted him when I got off my flight and he responded saying he was glad that I was home safe. He texted me last wkend saying how he doesn't want me to see other guys (duh!), and since then I haven't heard fr. him. I've sent him 2 texts since then, but no reply yet. Should I contact him, or wait it out? Prior to me leaving for home, he talked a/b "when you come back in sept.i want to take you here/buy you this." which was really encouraging. we also went out for dinner and he stayed over, and we had a wonderful time.just like when we first started dating.

sooooo, my q is.what do I do? I don't want to spend my entire summer hoping and waiting unless he's serious. Advice? Am I thinking too much a/b this?


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  • I'll need more info. To answer you question. You said hoping and waiting. I get the hoping part, but not the waiting. You don't want to spend your entire summer waiting for what?


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  • Doe she have email? Maybe his cell phone isn't working. I'm not sure. If it were me I would contact him and find out what is going on. He may have gone camping and is out of service area.i just don't know