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I've been dating a guy for a little over a year now. We have problems from when we started dating and they always get brought back up. I love him alot, but he's changed in ways that I don't like. He tends to be abusive anymore by throwing me around acting like I don't mean anything when we fight. I don't wanna break up with him because I don't think I could stand seeing him with another girl. What should I do?


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  • i agree with the other posters, if this guys is beating you or pushing and throwing you around when he gets mad. honestly he has no respect for you and doesn't deserve to have you in his life. in my pinion you should get out NOW before things end up going to far and something serious happens.

  • if he treats you like that he doesn't deserve you. if he's willing to throw you around it can lead to more serious violence. talk to him about it and if he doesn't quit you need to get out before you really get hurt.


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