I was dating this guy and now I think I am just a booty call. Is there anyway to fix it?

I was dating this guy for the summer, and everything was great. We never discussed what we were but all his friends called me his girlfriend. Then we went away for a weekend, when we came back I felt like I had become a booty call. Then I told him that wasn't cool and he said sorry and it wasn't a good time for him to get into something serious. So I let him have his time, but I still get texts during the night asking me to see him. He also acts very jealous, even though we aren't talking.. Am I just a booty call or is he really figuring something out?


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  • this happens all the time. all you have to do is ignore him some and show some interest some. you won't be just a booty call for long. If he is texting you he likes you and wants your company. Yes and some sex of course. Guys aren't ready to just say OK your my girlfriend right away. Its in our blood to want to hunt down and attract women. When we have a Girlfriend it ends. When we lose a GF, we want you back and see how great you were. Just play on again off again with him and hell realize he needs to make a decision on his relationship status.


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  • If he's only texting you at night wanting to see you, I'd say he's thinking of you as a booty call. If he wants to see you and talk to you on a regular basis, and just to hang out, not for sex, then he might be wanting to figure out things. But be careful.