I kissed my boyfriend on top of the head...

my boyfriend and I were snuggled up watching a movie and I kissed him on top of his head. I had never done that before so he looked up slowly kinda perplexed at me... I smiled at him and we went back to watching the movie. anyway was that too motherly for him? What does one interpret the kiss on top of the head to mean?


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  • Urrgg...I see that as just affection


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  • LOL I kiss my grandaughter on top of the head. I don't think of it as "sexy" at all BUT I reserve the right to kiss my hubby wherever and whenever the urge hits me. LOL (And then it is likely sexual) so I guess it could go either way but your guy obviously took it as NON-sexual.

    I think you should have said something then when he looked at you. A sense of humor is great. You could have just laughed and said "I couldn't help myself. Your hair smells good!" But you could still talk about it now...just take a few minutes to think about how to bring it up in a natural way and if he feels comfortable and relaxed with you he'll likely let you know what's he thought about it.