Trying to go out with her

ok we went together one time before couple day's I try to call her to see if we can go out again and hang out more , she didn't answer , then I txt her and she said she want to go out with me and spend more time , but every time I came up with an idea for some place to go to and hang out , she said that ''oh I can't or my car ran out of gas '' so I tolld '' her I can came to pick her up ''

I mean she asked me to call her and try to setup something , I txt her every day and she txt me back ,I'm confused does she want to go out again and hang out or she don't

so if you txt the girl every day to check on her and to see if she's fine you're desperate , if you don't contact her you're ignoring her, although I offer my help to fill up her car with gas , I think the best way is just to back off for couple days,


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  • Hard to figure out. If she's working or in college, that could be the reason. Try to hang out with her over the weekend if you hang out with her during weekdays. If she has days off, try to ask her out when she's free. When her car runs out of gas, tell her to fill up her car's gas tank when it's half full.


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  • Well, this could be one of several things. Maybe she hasn't made up her mind about you yet, or she isn't interested anymore, or maybe she's started to see someone else.

    If you text her everyday though, it makes you look desperate, and that may make her uncomfortable. I'd give her some space and then text her in a week or two.

  • It may be that she is just really busy with the things that are going on in her life. Or she just doesn't want to move very fast. Because if she didn't like you she probably would not be texting you or calling you back everyday. Give her a little space. And if you really want to know then just be blunt and ask her, so that way if she's playing games you could end it before it goes to far. I hope that helps. I'm just giving my opinion

  • Honestly I think she's giving you the runaround and doesn't want to go out. Let her be the next one to call you. If she doesn't call then you know she wasn't for real.


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