I'm 19 and never had a boyfriend.

I'm 19 and never had a boyfriend I've never had anything. And it hurts that my 16 year old sister has had 2 boyfriends. I'm not ugly but I'm not pretty either I'm not fat but I'm not skinny...i have a fair personality but am deathly shy..i have this major crush on this guy right now and I can tell he at least likes me as a friend but every time he starts to flirt I shut down because I start to think about the what ifs...what if I say the wrong thing what if he's just being nice...i hate that about myself and I get very emotional about it..i see all these girls go from one boyfriend to the next while I'm sitting there by myself...what really gets me isn't the kiss its the hugs the holding hands part


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  • you shouldn't be jealous of the girls who swap from one boyfriend to another. they just don't know what they want:) as a guy, I can tell you that that boy DOES like you and that you shouldn't think about the what ifs. if you smile at him does he smile back? if he flirts with you, that should also be a good sign that he is into you. a guy isn't usually just being nice and is flirty unless he is into you and if he's shy then you should make the first move..i know its hard:/ JUST BE CONFIDENT. I'm not shallow and I'm a pretty nice guy. I love a girl with a cute/sweet personality that respects herself and her body and is confident about herslef. I'm not saying you should instantly love everything about yourself, because that would probably be faking because no one completely loves themselves and thinks they're perfect in every single way (if they do they're not normal lol) but be yourself and if this guy doesn't like you I'm sure someone else does or would, and you shouldn't bother hurting yourself with him..but good luck:)


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  • you should stop thinking about the bad what ifs and think good that the guy is going to like you if you talk to him ... girls think too much about perfection etc and guys don't all you have to do is be your sweet self to a guy ... we guys can't impress the girls anymore we have to push all the right female buttons ... ehhhhhh well don't get me wrong guys have to have the right buttons pushed by a girl but we guys have the easy understandable buttons ... hope this makes sense and helps you

  • Okay, first of all, I don't think you need to care about the age thing. Time and that pressure is only in your own head, as dictated by society; It doesn't exist.

    Second, if you keep getting nervous, and that's preventing it, I think you might benefit from stopping thinking about the what ifs. If you feel them come up, just choose to stop thinking about them, and focus on what you can say and want to say.

    And lastly, but most importantly, love yourself. You ARE beautiful, and you deserve to be loved by yourself, and by the man who's just right for you. Love yourself,

    Oh, and I don't think he's just being nice,


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  • you seem like a genuine person... who will hate to get to know you? if your crush is a good person he deserves your friendship:) Relax and enjoy friendship with him:) if romance happens between you let it happen! Life is short!