Guys! how often do you text your girlfriend?

I've been going out with my boyfriend properly for about a month, and he usually texts me about once a day and give me a ring in the evening..

I'm away at University, so it's important to keep in contact cus I miss him.

He used to send me silly texts now and then, but it's becoming less frequent. I do believe he's really into me, because he text me the other day saying:

"Aww bbe, just got your message and I've got a huge smile on my face. Miss you loads! So glad I'm with you! Everything so far has been amazing and fits into place. xxxxx"

And he keeps saying " Aww I love you," when I know he isn't IN love with me. I know what he means by it, but I don't want to say it back as my ex hurt me by saying he loved me too soon.

is he getting too comfortable? Is it because we're together he doesn't have to make so much effort?

I text him now and then & I believe there is a bit of give and take in every relationship, but I never want to be the one always texting him. If he wants me, he can come and claim me, right?

Please help me!


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  • give and take goes both're expecting too much or he's just not enough for you...btw, being in a relationship is getting comfortable in one manner of speaking as well, but on the flip side working harder in the other manner to stay together as well


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  • I don't. Well, if I had one, I wouldn't. I would call her instead now and then. Not every day, maybe every other day. But texting to me just seems way too juvenile.

  • i text daily, mostly email though...i call 2-3 times a day...i prefer hearing her voice rather than seeing things black and white on a screen...i try to write monthly, but this is even hard, especially since email is convenient


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  • My boyfriend lives in a county adjacent to mine, so it's not always easy to see him. We text a bit every day, but not much because we're usually doing things. We usually talk on the phone every night, and sometimes we talk for a short chat sometime during the day if it's convenient for both of us.

    It sounds like he's definitely trying to keep up communication with you, so I don't see what the problem is. I don't think you should put so much value on texting.