I pulled away while kissing. Guys, what would be your reaction and why?

So my guy friend and I were hanging out. He put his arm around me and he started kissing my cheeks and the next thing I know is that we are kissing. I liked it a lot! But I pulled away. I said that I cherish what we have and I don't usually kiss my guy friends. He looked me and we started kissing again, french kissing. It was amazing, but I pulled away again. I was afraid it might lead somewhere and I didn't know what we were. I mean he liked me more than a friend or what? After we kissed I did tell him that I liked it and he said that it was wonderful. Guys how would you react? would you ever want to kiss the same girl again?


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  • Your friendship needs time. He needs to prove to you that he's serious about you.

    And you're right not to go around kissing everyone; that cheapens it.

  • Its happened to me. It sucked pretty bad. She never said she like it though so that might have made it better.


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