Why do some guys date ugly girls?

I mean obese, unattractive, stupid, selfish, shallow girls who have no social status in society. Why do some guys date them?


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  • wow, Just cause you see them as ugly that guy might not. If he is dateing her then he must find her attractive in some way or else why would he just to get a joke out of it I think not. In high school I was friends with a few fat people like 200 lbs over, and I can say they had a life they go out hang with friends, party everything we "skinny" girls do never have I seen one stupied, selfsih, or shallow.


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  • woah lady, you got beef with either of those personalities you mentioned above or some shit? But, here is what I have to say to that, I dated an obese chick once and the reason for that was because she understood me and we had a lot in common, a lot more than any other "BOMBSHELL" I dated before. Now, I have dated a selfish girl, but she was also the loyal kind. She had my back. Dated a stupid girl but she knew when to stand up for herself. Dated a shallow girl too, but her confidence had me hooked. There are so many f***in' reasons out there for dating a person. Why the f*** would a girl date a bad boy over the nice guy? Why do chicks take nice guy friends for granted and go out with a jerk? Don't worry. I am waiting.

    • You give really good answers... wow.

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  • Wow. Sounds like you've been burned for one of these women. Honestly, this isn't a complaint I hear a lot. People date other people for various reasons that go from the scale of being pure intentions to not pure intentions at all.

  • wow, somebody has some issues.

    I would say you are wondering why everyone else is getting guys and you are getting snubbed, even though you think your hot- maybe its your personality

  • Some of those descriptions sound completely personal and subjective.

    But from what I've seen, guys will date a girl that's not exactly a bombshell because she's more confident, friendly, or fun to be around. And just because they're not stick-thin or a genius doesn't mean they don't have some great qualities.

  • I think that its because they know that those girls will feed their big head with all the superficial compliments and tell them exactly what they want to hear.even if we are telling them the same things they always want more. I also think that they know that those girls will do whatever to have their attention and it make them feel like they are and will always be wanted by someone.its sick I know that was my ex.what a loooosser lol anyways good luck!

  • because there easy

  • It depends on the girls personality and it also depends on the guys personality like he may like the kind of girl you have described. And believe me "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"

    They might seem ugly to you but in the guys side they are beautiful. But some guys don't like selfish girls.

  • probably because he thought hey, why date a self centered, egotistical, skinny no curves chick, popular in her own head while people talk about her behind her back chick like you?

    • I'm obese, I had a brain tumour removed (not very smart) and I try VERY Hard to be a good to be a good person but I consider myself "selfish" because I have so many flaws and the reason I have so many flaws is because I grew up in an abusive home, where my parents messed me up so much psychologically that I had to go 18 years without a single friend. People avoided me because they thought I was immature. Who wouldn't be when they've gone 18 years without any friends?

    • Okay... um officially confused. Is the question about yourself and if so... than I apologize I'm just so sick of skinny airhead on this site dissin big girls. and I'm sorry about your upbringing its unfortunate that you had to go without a friend for so many years- I've had experiences of child abuse myself and the feelings of being alone that comes with it- it isn't the greatest feeling in the world- I guess my exscape was to find a friend in other things like food- so (no I'm not skinny either)