Girls: if you had to choose between your best guy friend and your boyfriend, who would you pick?

So, if the deal was you had to give up seeing/talking to one of them ever again, like they'd completely leave your life, who would you pick as the one to keep?

My first thought was, "Oh, I'd keep my friend, I've known him longer, and I wouldn't want to lose him!" But then I was like, "Um, no, I couldn't live without my boyfriend! I love him!" So what would you say, girls? Is friendship or love stronger in this case?

  • Boyfriend, of course, he's the special one!!!
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  • Best guy friend. Friends are forever!!!
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  • That's an unfair question, please don't make me pick!!!
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Ok, so I don't mean this as a realistic situation, just to clarify. I'm not intending on having to pick, I'm just wondering, "What if" in a hypothetical, never-going-to happen way.


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  • My boyfriend is my best friend. Easy choice.

    • Exactly. Shouldn't your boyfriend be your best friend, after all? If there's a guy you'd choose over him, then how can your boyfriend really be the one? Just a thought.


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  • Why would you put yourself in this "all or nothing" scenario?

    Your guy friend should respect your relationship enough to back off when necessary and give you two space, since you are lovers. Your boyfriend should love you enough to put jealousy aside and trust you to be faithful. He shouldn't have to be a control freak.

    Get rid of whichever guy doesn't abide by those rules.

    • I meant why choose only one or the other.

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    • Great answer.

    • Im and this case right now and I found out from one of my guy friends friends (if you can follow that) that he likes me more then a friend so I'm stuck because I kinda like him more then a friend to but I also like my boyfriend and I don't know if I should break up with my boyfriend 4 my guy friend or no BTW they don't like each other which makes it worse!!

  • I've actually experienced this, although not in such an extreme degree. The Boyfriend was jealous of her having a close guy friend and drove her away from me and she was too blinded by lust to see it. After they broke up a couple months later, though, she came and apologized to me and gradually we became great friends again.

  • I hate to say this but all friends of the opposite sex should be given up once you are in a relationship...this is of course unless they are mutual friends

    • That's ridiculous.

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    • Then Temptation may enter the equation....I feel like men especially have this issue...women seem to know the boundaries better than men!!

    • What if her guy friends were gay?

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  • you shouldn't have to give up any of them but you should deffinaty pick friends over might not be easy but boyfriends come and go but friends are forever (that sounds cheesy but it is true

  • i am in this case right now! I can't decide either if you go to my profile and read the question and details you might maybe hopefully be able to help me plz!?

  • My best friend happens to be a guy so of course I'd pick my best friend. Boyfriends come and go, but best friends are there to stay.

    • Yeah, makes sense. But I sometimes think that friends come and go, too.

    • Yeah true, but in my opinion, a true friend would stand by your side. And if they do end up leaving your life, then they were never really a good friend to begin with. But at the same time, who are you gonna go to if you're boyfriend is making you upset if you don't have your friend by your side?