How to go in for the kiss with blind girl?

Met this girl at a coffee shop last weekend, we ended up at lunch, and then the next day I saw her again and ended up spending most of the day together. I learned a ton about her and it seemed like we really hit it off. At the end of the second day we held hands at the coffee shop we met at and when I dropped her off at home I went in for a kiss...and she ended up putting her head into my chest. Unfortunately a disease took her eyesight a few years back and so she didn't realize I was trying to kiss her. I don't want to be the guy that asks for a kiss, but I don't wanna be too spontaneous and scare her. This is my first experience with someone who is visually impaired and while it didn't seemed to hamper anything else we did, I'm used to being able to make a move like looking deep into her eyes to go for a kiss, which doesn't work with her.


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  • I understand your situation, but I think there are a few things you can do, as well as some things in your favor.

    One of the first things you can realize is that even though she's blind, she is still sensitive, and aware. Blind people are often aware of others around them, they have to be. What this means for you is that even though you won't be able to look into her eyes to communicate your intentions, this can be done in other ways, ways that she will catch on to.

    I think you could do a few things to communicate your intention, you just need to be a bit more physical, and possibly verbal. By verbal, not "Can I kiss you?" but talking to her, flirting, joking with her, may help. For the physical, I mean a few things. First, being physically close to her, I think, can send a definite intimate message, and intention. And, she will either let you stay close, or she may step back to regain her space. Just be aware that this might only be relevant in a situation where a kiss could happen, she's going to give you some space or feel invaded if you're just in the middle of a busy street. If you're on her doorstep, and the situation and setup feel right, then possibly touching/rubbing her arm or shoulder as you get closer. If she just hugs again when you get close, maybe try keeping hold of her arms lightly, to keep her close, and then look down into her face. If you really wanted to, you could even lightly touch her face, brush back of your knuckles down her cheek to her chin, and then lightly keep her face up as you move to kiss. This would be very clear, and may be a little forthright, but I will leave that judgment up to you, as you know her and this situation better than I.


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  • I would say try putting your hand on her neck when you go in for a kiss. She'll probably know what''s going on then :)


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  • Hmm.. this is a touching situation. Put her hand on your lips so she has an idea of what your going for. Blind people can't see, so they utilize the sense of touch and hearing.

    • That or brush her cheek and push back her hair with the back of your fingers. It's pretty intuitive, even if you can't see.