Ladies; I know how much you hate mustaches but what if a guy can pull off a mustache then what?

its starting to bother me how no girl likes a mustache even if it suits the guy

ive never shaved my mustache either so its not all prickly and full


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    • I got the mild trustworthy one the 1 with the smallest mustache :( is that bad?

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    • Thats koo, because mine kinda feels like a babies hair ^^

    • See, I don't mind the way a guy's facial hair feels, I usually actually like it :]


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  • My boyfriend has a very mild mustache and I love kissing him. I'm not sure why, I just love the prickly feeling I get on my top lip when he kisses me. I'm pretty sure I'm like the only one who likes kissing a guy with a mustache. I don't know if I could kiss him if he had a big fluffy mustache, but the mild one is just amazing. (:

  • I'm not a fan of them. Some guys look good with them, but I don't want to kiss hair. My boyfriend has made comments about growing a small beard or mustache. I threatened to pluck it off hair by hair >=3

    • It doesn't even touch my upper lip you can't kiss it unless you wanted to kiss it if your just kissing my lips you don't actually kiss the that's all good right?

    • If it's really thin, you should shave it until you can really grow one. Otherwise it just looks like a dirty milk mustache and that's gross lol.

  • I personally only like mustaches if they are really thin. If they are like really thick and bushy, it sort of reminds me of a middle-aged creeper (Exhibit A: Mr. Harvey in "The Lovely Bones") And @TheoryOfAvarice Werewolf! lol The hitler one was funny also

  • hahah I love theoryofavarice's link!

    no but seriously, I don't wanna feel hair when I'm kissing my man.

    • You can't feel it its way too thin

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  • If a guy can pull his mustache off, it's probably fake.