When should I call her back?

I've had four dates with this girl that I really like. She made it clear from day one that she doesn't call guys. I would call her once a day and we would talk for at least an hour. Last time I talked to her was Sunday and I tried calling her last night but she didn't answer. Usually when she didn't answer in the past she would call back but she didn't this time. When should I call her back?


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  • First of all, who the heck does she think she is? Queen of Sheba? I mean come on! What is the problem with her initiating communication? Is her ego that BIG? Wow, you have patience that I never will for that sort of thing. She obviously likes talking to you, so she needs to get over herself and initiate communication with you.

    I wouldn't call her back, ever, but that's just my huge ego talking as well.

    Good luck with Queen Sheba.

    Move on to someone who doesn't have to be in control like that.

    • Haha. This is a great answer. So true in so many ways.


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  • dont worry about it to much if she has given you the time of day by talking to you for an hour for a couple of days then she is not going to just leave you hanging try texting her and wait for her to respond but don't call her over and over again you don't want to scare that person away and believe me I know its hard not to call over and over until they answer

  • Call her back whenever you freaking feel like it! She won't get mad and if she does then she probably already is mad. Go for it! it'll be fine!


What Guys Said 2

  • If she was calling back, I'd wait for her to call you. Maybe something came up? Maybe she needs some space? Don't call her back today or the next few days, because if she does not answer which she probably won't it will make you even more frustrated. Wait for her to call you, she knows how to get a hold of you. If she doesn't then call her back say come Friday. Don't "let the line slack" but don't be too much at the same time.

  • Did you leave a message? Did you ask her to call you back when she's free? If so then wait. If she wants to talk to you she'll call you. If not try her back next Monday. You've done your part, she knows you want to talk to her. Yeah it's long time for now but you have better things to do than keep thinking of her and what she's doing. Stop being needy, you hardly know the girl.