Will guys really consider a divorcee mom?

recently divorced and have two kiddos. I am told I am pretty, nice tushy, etc... I am fun, easy-going, motivated, honest, and real! are there NORMAL guys out there who would want to date a girl like me?


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  • I see that as experience and maturity. You know what you want out of a relationship and from a man. I'd have no problem at all with it. I just wouldn't want to meet your children until we were serious, because I'd hate to get involved in their lives and have things not work out. Just a conscience thing. :)


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm only 22 and already been through a divorce, and have a kid. Honestly, most guys say they'd stay away due to baggage, "drama", and what not.. but I haven't had any trouble, even with guys my age.. they've been more than accepting. Their parents have been the problem :P I'm thinking it'd be less of an issue in the 30ish age range, so I don't think you'd have any trouble with guys. Since it's common for people in that age range to have already experienced the things you have.