I knew he was married...

Dating a married guy, for the first time ever in my life & against my better judgement were the best of friends & we lasted a year. His wife found out about me for a few weeks before we stopped talking...My understanding is that she had asked him to leave & threatened to tell the children what has happened over their years of marriage (this was not his first time cheating on her). Needless to say we were best friends before we started talking & after their confrontation I have not heard one word from him, its been a month now. What's up with that?


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  • instead of thinking of what happend to him I think you should better look after yourself. While you are here thinking of what had happened and why he stoped talking to you, at the same time he would be sititng with his family and laughing and having good moments.

    I think you need to understand that having an affair with a married person is temporary and can bring lot of heartache t parties concern.

    Consider yourself lucky that this didnot not end on some ugly fight or rage.

    Move on...this time to somebody single (if you are single also).


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  • Well if you think that after his wife found out that he would come running after you afterward, you couldn't be more wrong. He is probably trying to patch things up with the wife.

    You don't even sound compassionate for breaking up a family. Were you expecting him to have a relationship with you? Let me tell you something, even though this wasn't his first time cheating, it was the last straw. Even though he is the one at fault, he resents you right now if he isn't talking to you. You are the reason why she told him to leave. His low self esteem caught up with him and you are in the mix of it. What do you do? Leave him alone. If not you are just as selfish as he is.

  • You sound pretty unremorseful I have to say and rather selfish... Why isn't he contacting you? Well you ruined his relationship and trust with his wife and pretty much wrecked a whole family.

    You and your lover need to reassess where you are going in life and avoid the mistakes you have already made. Not being judgemental, it's never nice when you play with other peoples lives.


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  • Wow! I hope you get some clarity. You might need to re think what you just wrote. Listen to what you are saying. I wish you the best of luck!