How "suggestive" can my texts be so I appear flirty but not dirty?

I saw this girl twice over the span of 2 weeks. We really hit it off at the bar we met at but we are busy individuals. I was thinking of texting something a little "saucier" than normal just to keep the sexual tention rolling. thoughts?

For instance, at the bar she told me "Geminis can be naughty or nice" and then gave me a semi-suggestive look. I was thinking of texting something like "So when do I get to see the "naughty" side of this Gemini?"

How far can I take these texts. . . or do I just play off of her responses?

Also, with a relationship in its early stages do compliments through text message come off complimentary or do they come of needy? like: "hey gorgeous, I was wondering if you'd have time for a drink this week"? etc.


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  • Your first idea seems spot on. And you are right again about following her responses. You can try to push her a little bit, but make sure you really pay attention to her responses.

    Compliments should be more specific about the time you met her.

    I know it can be difficult, but if you can, call her to make plans. Plans over text can be much more easily dismissed.


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  • Don't make her feel like she's doing all of the work, just don't make it sound too extreme to the point you're sexting her.Be cute suggestive but not getting too hardcore.


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  • Just like in the "Pick of Destiny"... use the cock