Considering Talking to/Dating a Younger girl

I'm fresh out of college, but still taking post grad classes. A couple of weeks ago I met a girl who is at the opposite end of college. At first I was just friendly and joked that she was to young to hit on, but I've run into her several times since then, and every time I have a great time with her. She seems to be interested in me, but in my head I have some issues with the age.

If I were to pursue her I feel like I would have to be very careful and take things slowly to avoid her friends spooking her.

What is the best way to handle this? Should I just continue being friendly until she makes a move? Any input is appreciated.

(everyone is 18+)


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  • I don't think there is anything wrong with liking someone younger than you are; I mean why would age really matter in a case of what could be a great relationship. I like to think that age is a number, and all that really matters is the maturity of those involved in the relationship. If those party to the relationship are genuine about their feelings, and have no hidden agendas, then I'm all for it.

    As for what others' think, I say that it shouldn't really matter, but I know it does, because that's how we go about our daily lives; opinions of others matter, now matter how much we deny it. It's a question of whether or not, you think their views are more important than the way you feel, and for what may be?

    As for the approach, it's a case of what you want to achieve from it. If you continue to just being friendly, and only that, then you will have to accept that maybe that's all you will ever be, because maybe that's all she wants as well; just to be friends. There could be a case of something more, but if you want to make a relationship out of it, then maybe a little bit of indication may go a long way, moreso than just being "friendly".

    Flirting doesn't hurt does it? (It might do, if you're leading someone on, but if you mean to flirt, for a genuine reason, then it shouldn't really hurt anyone?)

    • Haha, by friendly I meant flirty. Its my default personality.

    • Haha, at least we're on the same page now. I'm rooting for you buddy. Forget what others say, even what I'm saying now. If you can sleep at night, knowing that you haven't "wronged" anyone, then you're doing much better than the rest of us.

      Oh, and I'm a big fan of flirting with girls. Everyone's getting a bit of fun out of it (with good intentions of course!)


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  • I say go with it. There is nothing wrong with datin someone younger and she really isn't that much younger then you but you are definitely in different phases of life. Just be patient with her and understanding. I'm a freshman and it'd definitely be nice to have a relationship with someone's who been thorough it all. Good Luck!

  • i am in the same boat sort of...i am interested in a guy older than me, were both over 18.

    I say go for it, ask her out. I don't think age should matter. I recently asked him out and he said yes so I am stoked lol.

    Age shouldn't matter if your both consenting adults

  • i think its fine. but its depends on what she thinks.

    • Its not so much her. I'm not worried about her response. Its more...everyone else. There is a stigma about younger girls with older guys.

    • Well again, I think it's fine. lol. if you're interested in her and she's interested in you then it shouldn't matter. and besides, what is it like a five year difference? because as you get older a five year age difference is pretty much nothing. is it weird for a 36 year old woman to be in a relationship with a 41 year old man? very few people would think so.

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  • It is typical of men to be attracted to younger women. Not to go too deep, but it is linked to our nature to seek out a woman with the ability to bear children. However, I am sure you are not quite looking for that (yet). I would say - ask her out. Age is only one factor. The maturity of people between 18 and 25 is REALLY varied. I am 44 and have been half way around the world. I have met 25 year olds who were still children. At the same time, I have met some 18 year olds, especially women, who carried themselves very well.

    Why are you concerned about her friends "spooking her"? If you are a nice guy who treats her well, I would hope they would be accepting of you. A nice guy is something that most women seem to appreciate these days.

  • As long as she seems emotionally mature, go for it. My last year in college I had a friend in my dorm who was a freshman and she was going with a guy who was 26. No one thought anything of it. Do you go to some uptight rigid school?

    • I'm an older brother, and I have younger cousins and friends with little sisters. Normally I would be very skeptical of an older guys dating younger girls. Just trying to avoid anyone upsetting anyone that thinks like me on her side.