Is it OK to still hang out, alone with a FWB after you’ve gotten into another relationship?

My FWB has been on and off for the past two years. Yes, it hurt because I loved him and I wanted more out of it. I told him too, but nothing ever changed and he told me that “he liked me too but wasn’t good in relationships” –bullsh*t. But, I recently have reconnected with an ex and we are back together. My FWB found out he claims he’s jealous. He asked once to hang out with me and I never responded and then again last night. I told him I did want to but I didn’t think it was right. He asked if I thought I could behave. I told him no and he kept asking to hang out. I stopped responding. I honestly don’t know what is going on here? Might I mention that he barley contacts me and then he started contacting me a lot when he found out I was with someone else.


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  • nah,it's not OK. think about it this would not get into a relationship with you. Now that you found someone who does he wants to budge it! lol say no to him unless you don't want it to work with your bf


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  • it's human nature to want what we can't have. girls and guys are more attractive to the opposite sex when they're in a relationship. no idea why. but that's the why it is. maybe it's because they're more confident.

    but it's not OK to hang out with him alone. your boyfriend would agree with me I'm sure