What should I do so he knows I'm not cheating on him?

The other night my ex called around 5:00 am and he was crying and sounded like a total mess. So I told him to come over to talk it over.

When he came over, honestly I wanted him out right away because he was making me cry and wanting to hit him for the things he was saying. But as a kind person I just listened and comforted him.

He wound up falling asleep in my bed with me in it. A big mistake on my part.

My Dad found out, told my boyfriend and now I'm afraid that he's going to be overly upset about this.

What should I do?


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  • what were you thinking? lol. you got yourself in deep that's for sure. just reasure him that you don't want to be with the other guy and that all you want is him. If you keep tellin him that hopefully he will understand that it was just a big mess that you didn't mean to have happen. remember tho that you hurt his trust. if you heard that another girl slept in his bed you would have a fit. at least I would. try and see things from his point of view


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  • Weird how your dad would tell your bf. Just tell him the truth, that's all you can do. If he doesn't believe you that's his own insecurities. You need to let your ex move on. You being there for him is probably not helping him get over you any quicker.


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  • Usually if he is blaming you for cheating, that's what he's doing! To make himself feel better he's putting it on you!

    I would keep it ended! Specially when you also didn't even want him there that night. Sounds like your movin on! GOOD LUCK

    • I understand what you're saying, but that's not what's going on.... please read teh question thoroughly, and if you want, please try again.

  • how would you feel if your man did that to you? then answer the question.