This guy + my new makeover = ?

There's this guy that I've been 100% into since I met him 2 years ago. This year I've gotten up the nerve to talk to him. on the internet. And only that. A guy's interest is based on about 60% looks. In the beginning of the year I was decently attractive. Later on in the year I was going through puberty and an awkward haircut, and it seems at that time he was getting iffy on me. And it was understandable. We were even too shy to hang out in person.

I know I shouldn't change my looks for a guy, but I happened to want to do something about my horrid haircut. And I did. My face looks very different with a more flattering haircut, and I've been taught how to properly wear make up and enhance my features. Compared to what I was before, I look. attractive. I don't look like the same person. When school comes back into session, is he going to notice or care?


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  • If he likes you enough, or knew of your existance even before this make-over then he's bound to notice. If he does notice, good for you. If he doesn't, don't take it hard. Just because one guy didn't notice you, doesn't mean the other guys won't.

    Though most guys really don't notice much difference unless it's amazingly drastic. I changed my hairstyle a couple months ago - some of my guy friends didn't notice. They knew something changed but they didn't know what. The other half did notice. So, point being, it can also depend on the guy because most of them are just clueless. But, in all, goodluck.


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  • Well if this guy does notice you than he really likes u. If he doesn't than his loss. All you can do is hang out. try to talk to him in person, try to get to know eachother. Just don't lose who you really are and w8 to c. Sadly you can't c the future :(

  • duh! he's gonna be like dammmn! ______ {insert your name} you did a lot of changing durin the summer ;) ;)

  • my crush thought I was good looking last year and this year I got a new haircut that realy does wonders for me. Everyone thinks I looks great and I think he is going to notice. How can he not? Like you said 60% is based on looks, so he is going to notice you of cours!