Do guys like going to fancy restaurants for dates?

I like going to fancy restaurants every once in awhile. But I don't think guys like fancy restaurants. I just assumed it was because the tab was pricey, which makes sense. But if I pay for my half of the bill, would guys enjoy fancy restaurants or would it just be a pain?


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  • If the bill was split, yeah we'd love to go.

    the main reason as you said is the bill normally goes to the guy. now don't get me wrong, we may like the girl, perhaps even alot, but when you can't afford(especially these days) something like fancy dining where the price can go very high for a 2-hour meal. it's not really an option.

    going broke is bad for everyone in the end.


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  • is it because you get to dress up more or because the food is better?

    if its cause you want to dress up better. just get dressed up and go to a club or something. not ever guy likes spending money up the ying yang just to eat. :D


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  • I like them too but I think I would save that for later dates or when we're boyfriend/girlfriend cause yea it can get pricey but to me...fancy restaurants screeam "Pressure!"...especially for a guy. I rather go to some hole in the wall restuarant...they can be fun and interesting and have more of a relaxed vive with better prices!