What is the problem with "heavier" girls?

Why is it like a sin for a girl to be "thicker" (I don't want to say fat because it may offend someone)

I mean heavy guys don't get nearly as much trouble as girls... this is really frustrating for me because I'm a girl with weight issues and it hurts that no one really likes me because I'm bigger than a stick. So guys, would you ever date a girl that is "heavy"? Why or why not?

Also, I'd love to talk with other overweight girls to see what they'd have to say about this.. and please NO mean remarks/comments.


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  • I hope nobody finds this offending in any way.

    To be honest, other than problems with genetic obesity, thickness isn't exactly an excuse. It's not a burden that you cannot rid yourself of; however, if you like the way you look, there is no problem to it.

    With the present concept of thinner is better, it is likely that most guys go for girls that are socially "more attractive"

    Back to my previous point, any guy or girl can choose to be thick, thin, or somewhere in between. It's a matter of lifestyle and although it may be hard to accomplish, it sure can be accomplished. (Unless you have a disorder for which you cannot)

    There are of course people that are attracted to different physical features of a person and although it may just be physical features, it is still a first impression.

    I believe that men have it just as hard as women, if not harder when it comes to being overweight. Men who are overweight tend to be more often blamed on their laziness or their large appetites when women are usually just accepted as being overweight (from my personal observation) when in turn, both should be treated equally.

    My opinions may be a bit bias in that I myself am somewhat overweight and trying to lose a few (maybe 10-20 pounds :P).

    I'm 6'0" used to be 220 pounds and now down to 190. So believe me when I say, if you'd like to lose weight, you can do it, but if you like the way you are now, then just be happy!


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  • I love thick girls. Love em. I see questions like this on here a lot. Give me a thick girl any day. Answer me this though, would you date a big man? I'm about 6'3 250 and muscular. I'm not asking you personally out(like harassing you or something) I just always get shot down when talking to thicker girls. I hear them complain constantly that they have trouble with guys, yet it seems to me that they hold a double standard. Not trying to generalize that all thick girls are like this. It's just been my experience. Was just curious.

    • Well it is sort of a double standard because heavy girls shoot down heavy guys daily and it's a little pathetic because they're always moaning and groaning that no one likes them.. and to amswer your question, I would. This is sort of a clich? but what's on the inside is what matters to me.

  • i like thick chicks

  • A few hundred years ago, or back even more recently, maybe a hundred years, lads attentions were turned to bigger girls. Everyone wanted a voluptuous female, y'know. And girls who could afford it used to eat loads to meat up, so people would fancy em. Now skinny girls are getting the attention. So y'know, its they're time to get it man! Quit steppin' all over their limelight! You girls had hundreds of years! LOL.

    Anyway, I love fat girls, so...

    • Lol! You're right :] But Guys are douches now lol (not all obviously) they treat us like crap >.< I wish there were more guys like you out there :]

    • Thats happened for hundreds of years too, hahaha. Actually, in the past 40 years, there's probably been an extreme improvement, LOL. I mean, you can't behead a woman if you think she's ugly anymore, LOL. But yeah.

      And thanks, LOL.

  • I love Thicker girls. Skinny girls are such a turnoff. I've turned girls down because their body reminds me of a 12 year old boy. Thick is the way to go girl. Don't sweat it curvy is def the way to be. ;)

  • I would but I'm also heavy so I don't know if my opinion matters. Girls don't love heavy guys either btw.

    As for why, I don't know. I'm not turned off I guess.

    • Any opinion matters when I ask questions :)

      And again, it'a pretty much a double standard when it comes to heavy guys and girls.. but I doubt there's NO heavy girls that like heavier guys.

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  • im not skinny like the super models and most celebrities I don't have the perfectly flat stomach. I'm not like huge or anything. I just have a little extra and sometimes I wonder if id attract more guys if I had the rockin bod lol but I do get attention from guys a lot so maybe I'm just not too big. I don't know it affects my self esteem and all that but I still get attention and some days I feel sexy.

    • You're gorgeous. Don't change.

    • At least you feel sexy sometime, I've never felt that feeling nor have I walked ou of my house confident thinking I look good for the day.. it's weird. If you get attention from guys be happy with the attention you get because some girls may get less than you or none at all!

  • It's not a 'sin' to be thick .. thick is not to be confused with overweight. Those two words are not synonymous. Kim Kardashian is thick, and guys love her.

    It's not a sin to be fat either .. More it's unhealthy

    Heavy guys don't have it easier. It always used to be the girls who had it difficult, but nowadays girls want guys who are muscular, have a six pack, a V .. And those aren't exactly the qualities of a heavy guy.