If I asked you for a kiss right now, would you do it?

This girl I really like asks me questions like this all the time. She knows that I like her. The problem is, she asks these questions, I answer, then nothing ever comes of it.

We work together, and she asked this particular question at work so obviously I couldn't just kiss her right then and there.

Another time, she's asked "If I asked you to come over and fool around, would you?" when I followed up with "Well, are you going to ask?" she replied with, "oh not right now, I have a lot of stuff to do"

Do girls generally ask questions like these to guys they have no interest in?


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  • I'd say...turn it around on her...ask her " If I asked you out, would you go?" and see what her response is...or even ask her the kiss question back, she will get a taste of her own medicine and if she is not interested then she will stop asking crazy questions.

    Or if she ask you the kiss question again even if its at work, suprise her and just give her a quick peck on the lips just to suprise her, then play off that response if she pulls away in disgust then she is playing stupid games but if when you pull away from that kiss if she kind of leans toward you ( as in wanting more) then you know she likes you...good luck!

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      Sorry I didn't actually answer your question...LOL....No I would never ask or say something like this to someone I am not interested in......I would be afraid they would take me seriously and then what am I to do! Just the way I am...not all girls are like me some do just play games.