Why won't he date me?

We've been friends for a long time. I'm attractive and nice. What other reason might cause me to be non-datable? He doesn't have a girlfriend and is not interested in someone else...just busy with a professional exam.


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  • Possibly he doesn't have the time for a relationship therefore he doesn't start one, or he doesn't know that you would reciprocate his feelings, or you're not attractive in his eyes. Seriously, you cannot know in advance who finds you attractive and who doesn't. It varies from person to person, you know.


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  • Maybe he doesn't think you're nice and attractive even though you think you are. Either that or dude's gay. Move on...


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  • There could be a MILLION reasons why he doesn't want to date right now, maybe you are too good of friends and he doesn't want to mess that up...maybe he is just waiting things out? I knew a guy for years and then one day he expressed interest out of what seemed like nowhere, he told me he had liked me for years but it was never the right time, he didn't think I liked him back..just don't give up - slowly let him know you like him MORE than a friend and see where things go.