How old is too old?

I'm under aged. And I like a guy who's 10 years older than me.

And I really like him. He's sooo funny and nice, everything a girl can ask for.

Best of all, he respects me, he doesn't act like a perv or a sicko.

Do you think there might be a chance with me and him?

By the way, he thinks I'm pretty and stuff so yea.


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  • I think you need to think very maturely about this situation. The reason there is a law concerning relationships with minors, is soley for your protection. The fact that we have a law for your protection attests to the fact that you/ (people like you) need protection from adults who will prey on you in different ways, for different reasons.

    You need to consider why it is that a man of say 26 or W/e is interested in in someone whom he has almost nothing in common. Although women are often very attracted to older men, (usually because they see they are mature , successful, knowledgeable, secure.) What do men see in Teenage girls? Innocense, youth, sex, that they are maluable(meaning can be easily influenced/changed).

    A teenage girl can't offer a man much other than sex, you probably are not finacially independant, don't own any assests(cars/home).

    I am sorry girl but the reality of the situation is- he is interested in you because he thinks he has a chance with you- and nothing else. As somebody else said -older guys usually date young girls because they are losers and can't get with someone their own age.

    Be smart, and give your time and attention, to someone with purer intentions towards you.


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  • Really Really ask yourself, does he really like you? What is it that you two have to talk about that you both can relate with? This looks really sketchy because He's out of college by now and your still in Highschool. So he may seem cool to you, but in reality the rest of the people his age most likely think this guy is a loser and so he's going really young. This is not going to work, its just really creepy and really wierd.

  • I think as long as you stay away from the sex aspect you are ok. Holding, hands, walks in the park picnics, that's all great. Also oral might be ok cause president Clinton did that and I remember it was not considered sex. So try oral but don't do intercoarse or that could be jail time for him

  • maybe its too old for you , but for him its important

    cuz I'm sure he don't want to go to the jail , but yes you can like him and he like you ,

    the question is can he wait for you till you get 18 , or would you still interesting in him if you get to that age , sometimes not everything we like or want we can get ,think about it


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  • They age is just a number. It's nice that you like him and he does too. But some older guys will talk to some young girls cause they think that they're naive. They'll say all the sweetest things ever and do the most sweetest things ever and then somewhere down the line they'll be expecting something in return which you may not want to give. So before you start thinking about any future with this man, I think you should do some deep thinking about it. I personally think it's best if you stick to your age group or at least have a limit of about 5 yrs!

  • when your of legal age. don't want your man candy to go to jail or have a permenant scar on this record as a sex offender. and even if you wouldn't tell, someone else might.think about it.