Girls have you ever dated a guy who you'd consider lazy or a burn out?

like what would you consider being really lazy? I've been told that I have a lot going on for me but that I'm just too lazy/unmotivated and because of that no girl will take me seriously

so where is the line drawn between being laid back and being lazy and un-datable? please answer


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  • I have when I was in high school and it was the worst. Being someone who is very motivated myself, and has high goals for my future that I'm working hard to achieve, I'd never again date a guy who fell too far below that. At this point, since I'm a junior in college and planning on grad school, I'd probably never date a guy who didn't go to college or at least the military. We'd just be too different in our motivations and goals.

    To be honest, I probably wouldn't take a lazy/unmotivated guy seriously anymore. In high school it wasn't that big of a deal since we were all still kids and living with our parents. But the older I get, the more important it becomes to have that in a partner.


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  • You know, I have to say - I'm totally giving you props for asking this question while trying to take a good look at yourself. There's a LOT of people out there (men and women alike) who don't ever self-examine.

    That being said, yes, I've dated the lazy/unmotivated. And honestly I've been there myself with my own lack of direction, lol. But I think the point where the guy is "undateable" or where I feel like I need to run the other way would be if it's at the point where they aren't trying to make ends meet or aren't stable job wise. Yes, the economy nationwide is horrible right now. But if Guy 1 has no job but every day is putting TRUE effort into trying to get one, I'm so going to take him over Guy 2 who sits in front of the computer all day without attempting to improve his situation. There's got to be some kind of responsibility and passion for life in general.

  • The last guy I dated was like that. He was going nowhere in life and was really lazy

    He was like 4 years older than me, he had a nice car nd money BUT that's only because lived off of his parents they supported him and gave him all the money he needed, he didn't have a real job, or graduate college, he sat around alll the time eating junk food & not exercising, even when it came to little things that a normal person would do without even thinking about it, he wouldn't do it. He's basically the definition of lazy. And I couldn't take it. It drove me crazy and was one of the reasons I ended it once I came to realize he was like that.

    Laidback just means your easy going, you like to relax, and don't need to go to a club or out doing crazy things in order to have fun. you can stay in or go out to dinner nd still have a good time.

    A lazy person takes being laidback to a whole different level.

  • well with my boyfriend I just left, after 4 years of trying. his problem was that he wasn't "willing" to doing what was needed to be done. like get a job. he has a job but it pays sh*tty but he likes it. he's not willing to get a better job to support his family, just because he likes to landscape. and to top it off he's in denial about the laziness so there's no fixing it. that's why I'm gone!


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