Speed dating?

Any good? Worth going to an event?


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  • What we notice in England on a whole is that more women try it than men. I went to one once with my friend who help to run it and just observed. I have to say it wasn't for me, but it might be for you. See if you can get into a bar where it is happening one night just to stand back and watch, then see what you think.


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  • Couple of friends have gone and they have gotten a lot of sex out of it; they are good looking guys and the women that go there for the most part are more interested in dating, checking out what's out there, and not looking for something serious; so my friends get numbers go on dates, get laid, go to the next event.of course, my other friend that has gone doesn't get anything out of it; I would say maybe worth trying if you have the time, cause it seems to be at least a fun evening.

  • Don't know what part of the world you live in - but lf you are up in the North, check out link


  • i have never done it. let me know how it goes. in my life time is a valuable thing so dating has not happened.


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  • it truly depends. Most speed daters seem to be there for mainly sex and that's it. THere are also a few out there who are SO hungry for a relationship that they'll go for any decent girl who's willing for a chance at stability. However, you must really be careful because you don't know what you may get yourself into. Speed dating often doesn't work inthe long run. You just may have better luck finding someone while you walk your dog around your neighborhood.