Is he even worth my time? Bros before hoes...getting ranked by the World Series.

so this guy that I went out with about a month ago, hit me up last week stating that he wanted to hangout, we have been in texting communication since the first date but that's besides the point. So he asked me wednesday, and I said I love to hang, he said he would figure something out. I never heard from him the whole weekend, then I text him some random thing about Halloween and he told me he was sorry for nothing happening this weekend, but that he was busy with work and the world series. Is he even worth my time if he is going to put baseball in front of time with me if he really cared about me. I would have totally watched it with hi, too, I already was at a BBQ I was at.


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  • Clearly you are looking for a guy who ranks you above work and world series, clearly he is not the one keep looking ...


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  • no he's not worth your time. if he doesn't care then neither should u. by the way remember this "chicks before d***s" don't waste your time on a guy whose current girlfriend is baseball