Why did he force me to kiss him?

Bing is my co-worker. He's cute and nice. He treats me very well. Say, if I go home late from a party or something even at 2 o'clock in the morning, he always comes pick me up and sends me home. He's never mad at me when I show up 1 or 2 hours late when he asks me to go movies or shopping. I treat him as my good friend.

But last night he forced me to kiss him when we hung out. That's so rude and I don't like it. I just don't know why he did that to me. After he tried to kiss me, he held me so tight and took me into the bedroom. He said he liked the feeling when he was holding me. Does he just want my body?


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  • @ 1stblackx - you sound like a douche bag.

    I'll admit it's messed up to be late to the movies and everything, it sort of sounds like you used him sometimes, but despite the fact... No kiss should be forced. Whether physically or just pressured. I've been in a situation like this before, and the more he gets away with the more he might do to you. I think you should confront him now before it gets out of hand if you don't want to lose a good friend...

    Just tell him that you do not see him that way and that you prefer to keep it strictly friends. Don't sound like you are mad at him for it, because it will lead to a lot of awkwardness. (Especially if he thought you were a willing participant in the kiss)

    Hope I helped. :)

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      Matter of fact, I like him more than just a friend. Just not sure if he's a playboy.

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      Well that's something you will have to find out on your own through time

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      And you sound like a bitch who speaks when no one is asking her.

      No one wins.