Guys, would you ever wait 24 hrs. to text back a girl you like?

I said hey through text yesterday and it's been about 24 hours and no reply. He seemed very interested. Would you ever wait this long with a girl you like or is he blowing me off? I sense he may be trying to show me he's busy and not clingy, but a whole day seems a little extreme.

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I said, "Hey how are you?" since it had been about a day since we talked. The last time we talked though he asked if he could take me on a date.

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  • Not everyone needs a cell phone/texting to breathe and survive, you know. Maybe he's not much of a texting kinda guy. Or maybe he didn't feel like talking.Maybe he didn't get it. Sometimes even though it says a text has sent, the other person just didn't receive it. Maybe he was too busy when he got it, and then just forgot about it.God forbid someone doesn't respond to a text message 34 seconds after you send it to them.Anyways, why don't you just call him or something? Instead of sitting around why he didn't respond to your one little text.

    • There is always a possibility of a text not making it. The first time I got a girls number and texted her the next day I got no answer which gave me the impression that I got rejected.The next day she asked me why I didn't text her yet. I got lucky that she asked that cause I would have otherwise given up.

    • Sometimes my texts didn't work with my friend, so maybe he didn't receive it. Or maybe he is nervous. Send one again, it doesn't hurt.

    • I would say that too. But the fact that most of our communication is through texting just let me know that it is a primary form of communication nowadays. Whether it should be or shouldn't be, when someone isn't making any contact when he could be, it may mean he's disinterested. I was just curious about other people's opinions on it.

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  • TALK to her. Don't text. It's so impersonal.

  • I've once texted a girl I liked and she texted me soon as possible. We had a wonderful text conversation, but and the end I didn't respond to her last text. The next day she had anxiety and anger for me when I came to talk to her.

    • She probs thought you were ignoring her.she maybe wouldn't have reacted like that if you said bye or that you had to go?

  • I don't have a phoneeee =]

    • Niceee

    • eitherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :)

  • I believe that if you are so much in to a relationship...U will wait...may be forever...Its just a matter of time...Bu I have to say that it was diff for me for the first months of our relationship...Later..I understood her MUCH MUCH BETTER:P

  • Yes. A whole day does seem extreme. Especially if you're the one waiting. I know because I'm waiting right now haha. Give him some time. You already said "hey" so don't worry about it. I know it's tough, but try to keep yourself busy with other fun stuff. That's what I'm trying to do myself with this girl who hasn't responded yet (argh).

  • Actually when I get a text and I miss it and it's several hours late already... I just classify the conversation as old and null. A new one would be much better. Try texting again.

  • I think it depends on the guy. For me that's a pretty rare event, so id text back right away. Although I have waited a day because of my phone being dead

  • Yea I would and have before to show I'm not desperate even though I liked the girl I just did that because I felt it would seem like you plotting just to get in her pant's sometimes if you text to fast after getting the number but most guy's do this with beautiful girls you must be beautiful..

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  • No one wants to seem desperate...and also those dating rules are to blame.

  • is that all you wrote? hey?

    • That's how I feel too. But when we've talked he's been so interested and eager to see me again. It makes me wonder if he didn't get the text at all.

    • That's a really long time not to reply to something so simple