Dating a guy HEAPS hotter than yourself?

i am currently dating a guy who is totally out of my league...he could get ANY girl he wants...his body is perfect..etc etc

WHY is he with me?

am I just like, a hobby until he finds a better girl?


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  • If he could get any girl, why do you think he chose you? That is a positive statement by the way. You aren't as "undesirable" as you think. This guy doesn't seem himself as HEAPS hotter than you, he knows he's just another person same as you.

    I get asked all the time why I'm still single, why I don't have girls chasing me around, etc...apparently they are thinking like you are now. But like I said, I don't see myself as some kind of trophy or accomplishment. I used to be TERRIFIED of girls, now I'm only inexperienced with them. Am I still such a trophy? No, and I never was anyway.


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  • He could really like you...why would you think so negatively? The word "hobby" that you use comes off like he's objectifying you. Just be happy and enjoy it. Don't assume.

    You indicate that you have low self esteem by saying " WHY is he with me?"

    The real question is why would you ask yourself a question like that. Just be confident. That's one of the sexiest qualities a girl can have.

    He may be a genuine guy. Not every attractive guy is a player. Just go with it and see where it goes. Why be a pessimist, when you have a good thing going for you right now.

  • actually many people have dated and even married regular people like

    Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower

    Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

    Matt Damon(the guys from bourn series) and Luciana Barroso

    He could just like you . there isn't any law in the universe says that a good looking famous guy can have a normal person as there lover.If you keep thinking like this you might lose him so get the thought off your mind.

  • He obviously sees something very special in you.

  • just enjoy it, and don't be intimidated by him, lots of girls make the mistake that he too hot etc.. just act the opposite that he's not all that and you will stand out...he will find you more attractive. Be confident, happy, fun etc... make him want to be with you, don't worry about other girls they don't bother you just laugh it off or tease him about it... everyone wants what they can't have, be that something he can't have, challange him etc...


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  • Well, you may be more attractive than you think.

    Also consider that not all guys are shallow and date girls only based on their looks.

    Personally, I think my partner is more attractive than me, but he tells me (and shows me ;)) how attracted he is to me all the time. We've been together for 4 years and are engaged to be married, so I'm pretty sure I'm not just a "hobby until he finds a better girl". :)

  • I've been through this. I dated a guy that was unbelievable. He was gorgeous, funny, smart, outgoing, musical, perfect. Everywhere he went girls fell for him. I fell for him and for some odd reason, he liked me too :) I guess he saw something in me that was attractive that I couldn't see. while the relationship didn't work out, I'm glad I dated him because it made me more confident in myself.

    • Yeah, I guess I should just enjoy it while it will be hard not to fall for him hard though

    • Don't base your relationship on mine. Mine didn't work out for reasons that had nothing to do with our appearances.

  • I hope it isn't a hobby. Maybe he truly likes you :)