Why won't he stop texting and calling?

My ex and I have been broken up for about four months... after a three year relationship... I can't stop thinking about him and I know he hasn't stopped thinking of me... he's been texting me sweet things like he misses me or he sends me kisses via text, he tells me that he is thinking of me and things like that at least once a day almost everyday, he called me a few times but I have been playing soccer or working so I can't pick up... but I still don't call back.. I wouldn't know what to say... any ways I miss him a lot too... and I do want him back... he broke up with me because I wasn't the nicest person to him ... I begged him not to leave me back then but he still did... I have had n/c up until yesterday I called him and he didn't ANSWER then I called this morning... I called him just to say hi... we had a convo just to see how we are and then he had to let me go... So finally I called him and to his texts and now he just acted short with me. Why does he still text or call me if he is going to be cutting me short like that or not answering when I do finally call back?


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  • ok,clearly you guys love each other! and he only pulls away because he wants to play the game. the catch and run game. he loves you,and he wants you back! he's jus waiting for you to surrender to him and tell him how you really feel. to b honest I dnt think you should b mean! I was just like you and now the one I love dsnt want me anymore! appreciate him,tell him how you really feel. so many ways to tell someone how you feel without being angry!

  • Stop calling him and texting him... He seems like he just wanted to see if he could get to you. He maybe keeping that line open just incase he feels he needs to come back. My Ex did this for 2 years. He would call once a month to see how I was and see what was going on tell me he loved me still and missed me. We would try to work it out and never would work. He would be gone again. I think I now that he knows I have moved on he is moving on as well. If he wants to talk he will call. Don't push it, it may push him farther away.