Dating a 20 year old guy who has never had a girlfriend?


So me and a guy I'm friends (who's never had a girlfriend) with have told each other that we like each other about a month ago... We've been flirting a lot since then and are slowly moving forward... I have been had a few relationships and am used to more forward and confident guys, who have had a lot of relationship experience. I'm just nervous about what he will think about that, or the fact that I'm not a virgin anymore. I'm not sure what his take is on the subject, I honestly don't even know if he's kissed a girl before! Comments?


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  • If he knows you've had boyfriends before he probably suspects you've kissed and had sex already. I bet he will be really nervous the first time doing either of those because of that but if you like each other you'll make it work and he'll probably learn really fast. Make sure to tell him what you like, he'll probably be relieved if you just tell him what you want because he will know he is pleasing you.


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  • You reallyreallyreallyreally don't need to tell him about your experience(s) outside of him, honestly, we don't want to know.. we're not stupid, we can figure it out. All that matters is that you're with him, now, and you're trying to make it work with him, which is great.

  • He'll find it awkward that you're way ahead of him, but he'll also love that fact that you can teach him things. I've never had a Girlfriend and that's how I see things at least.


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  • Does he know about your relationship experience?

    But anyway, guys are usually quick-learner about kisses and sex. You'll have to guide him though: showing him what you like, how etc...

    • The subject hasn't come up yet... so no, he doesn't know

    • Start talking with him about it then... but it shouldn't be that a big problem I guess.

      The most important is how you tell him ; ) .