Was he looking for a kiss?

So this guy invited me over to hang out with him at his apartment after class. His roommate and friends were there so we just all talked and hung out for a bit. When I had to leave he walked me out of his place and shut the door behind him so we were standing alone outside, he looked very red (like blushing), but all I did was talked a little and hugged him goodbye. Now that I think about it, he may have been looking for a kiss? I just think that may have been the case because of 1)him shutting the door for privacy and 2)him looking embarrassed and blushing? Please let me know what you guys think?


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  • Yeah he most certainly wanted a kiss. However, if he's not confident enough to go for it that's his fault. Your not the one who makes the first move, so he will just have to man up and you just hang tight or ditch him for someone who knows how to act around a girl.

  • I'd certainly say so. You like him? Next time don't let him go away empty-handed, it'll make his night, especially if he isn't the most confident of chaps which seems the case.


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