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The man I am dating wants me to call and text him. I call, but he is never available. He says he'll call, but then doesn't. He basically only calls me when it is convenient for him and gets worried if he doesn't hear from me. What should I do? Not take his pone calls for a while and make him sweat? I hate to do that because that is playing games, which I'm not into. HeLp!


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  • It sounds like he is playing games with you. Yeah, if you want to make him sweat, go for it, because that's what he's doing to you! Personally, what I would do is not text or call him or anything until or unless you hear from him. That way he will know what it feels like to be in your shoes. After he begins to call or text you when he is supposed to, you can start initiating again. Those are just my thoughts! Good luck! :)


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  • If you're not into playing games you should just be upfront with him. Ask him why he's never available when you call, and why he doesn't call when he says he will.

  • if I were you I would leave no matter how much you like him he is playing you I just went through the same thing with my ex he ended up to be one of those guys who lies because he is talking to other girls.