Just okay first meet with online date, would you accept invitation to second date?

Would you give him a second chance if the first date wasn't amazing, just okay? Has anybody done this before and had in turn into a happy relationship? Or if there is no "spark" from the first meet, do you think it will never happen?


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  • i would say go on the second date. sometimes we expect too much too soon. he may amaze you. go ahead and answer my latest question too if you don't mind.

  • he might of been shy. he's online dating site so clearly he doesn't rack in girls on the daily. he was probably nervous and had a game plan and just failed. the second time the small talk has been done and that dumb part is over with. this ddate you can get to no home and see if you and him connect. I say do it.. what's teh worst that can happen. I no you thinkin bout it, so do it girl


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