Why is important for boys and girls to go on a date?

I am totally confused about that.. I am going on date with Girlfriend in this Sunday. But I don't know nothing about date ... Can you help me on this topic..


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  • Just be yourself...ask questions about the things that she likes and what her life is all about and tell her info about you. Go with the flow, be casual and just HAVE FUN :)

  • Its really important to go on a date couple of times before starting a relationship or committing to someone because I think a good date can give you some personal and alone time to spend with each other and get to know your partner and their likes, dislikes and share personal views on some personal matter which is important in building a lasting relationship. On the matter of first date everyone will say the same thing and it really important too... that is... Be genuine and caring with your date. Don't do anything too intimate on first date, it may be intimidating to her.