How many days do you wait before you call someone back?

Is there really a rule to calling people back? I heard there's the two day rule so I was just wondering how many days you wait untill you call someone back.

  • The next day
    41% (74)49% (41)43% (115)Vote
  • 2 days
    48% (87)36% (30)44% (117)Vote
  • 3-5 days
    11% (20)15% (13)13% (33)Vote
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  • Depends on the situation, but I tend to apply the 3 day rule, unless the time/day was pre-determined. Definitely not the same day, generally that's just creepy. Next day seems too desperate. 2 days tends to be someone clingy, but some people like that, so not always a bad thing. On the 3rd day however, it shows a genuine interest. Beyond that doesn't show enough interest. Of course there may be some extenuating circumstances, i.e. hospitalization, suddenly having to go out of town for a funeral, maybe even a really busy week at work (depending on their job), etc. (assuming it actually happened). Personally, I only apply this to the first phone call, it depends on how things go from that point. After that, usually 2 days (again, unless specified), really depends on the situation. I've learned not to jump into anything too quickly, so really not more often than that for a little while. Now if she calls me, and leaves me a message to call her back, I will do it within a day if not the same day. If she calls me every day, I don't have a problem with that. However if she starts calling me several times a day and we haven't been dating exclusively for some time, then it starts to appear she has some dependence issues and I may want to keep looking.


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  • No. there's no rule. I call back the same day if I really like someone.I wait a few days if I'm not sure about them or I can tell they're not sure about me.

  • After they call you? Same day you get the message if they left one. Otherwise, depends on specifics.

  • Depending on the circumstance under which I met the person, I'd wait 1-3 days.

  • I cal when I call. I don't count days. If I'm thinking about you the next day I'll call you. If I'm thinking about you a week from now, I'll call you.

    You don't pick up, I don't call you again.

    Simple, Concise, Effective.


    • Awesome! Sometimes you have a busy week and sometimes you don't!

    • Yeah, but just as you can be busy she could be too--why should she respect your schedule and you not hers? I think you should try to call back at least more than once...

  • Well my rule has always been no less then 3 no more then 4. If you meet someone on a friday and call sunday it almost seems desperate. If you call saturday it does seem desperate. If you wait till monday maybe monday morning it seems like you have a life but still remembered the person. Tuesday it took a bit but your not desperate and you were still thinking enough of the person to call. But by Wednessday or 5 days after you met the person now its almost like you don't care. So there is a window normaly 3 or 4 days not 5. You might be able to pull off calling 2 days later if you wait till later in the day. So if you met someone Friday night don't call Sunday morning. If you have to call Sunday wait til after 7 PM.

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  • Id wait 2 days, because it might seem like your really rushing the person and they may want you to just give them time to think about whatever it is that you called them for.

  • I never liked playing games, and if things go well, and the person digs you, it won't bother him if you call soon after the date --he will be happy to hear from you--that's' the way it was with me and the hunny.

    anyone you have to play games with may not be worth your time or heart.

  • Yeah.the stupid rules! If he doesn't call me the next day, I just think to myself that he might not be very interested in me, and if he didn't think of me even once the day after the first date (and because of it-the lack of it-) doesn't call just seems there's no chemistry, and therefore no second date! :P

  • there is no rule. its whenever you feel like.

  • If I call a guy and he doesn't respond within 30 minutes I think he's ignoring me. If he ignores me 3 times I lose interest and find someone else. A guy can ignore 50% of my text messages, 20% of my phone calls, and 40% of my e-mails. any more than that and I'll get frustrated and stop speaking to him. I dated a guy who would call me once a week you can imagine how terrible that was!

    • Thats true

    • Yes, but you have to keep in mind that things can happen to make it hard for men to call. I Once went off on a guy who didn't call me for weeks only to find out someone close to him died ( a fact I verified) and I felt like a jerk...

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