How many days do you wait before you call someone back?

Is there really a rule to calling people back? I heard there's the two day rule so I was just wondering how many days you wait untill you call someone back.

  • Vote A The next day
  • Vote B 2 days
  • Vote C 3-5 days
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  • Depends on the situation, but I tend to apply the 3 day rule, unless the time/day was pre-determined. Definitely not the same day, generally that's just creepy. Next day seems too desperate. 2 days tends to be someone clingy, but some people like that, so not always a bad thing. On the 3rd day however, it shows a genuine interest. Beyond that doesn't show enough interest. Of course there may be some extenuating circumstances, i.e. hospitalization, suddenly having to go out of town for a funeral, maybe even a really busy week at work (depending on their job), etc. (assuming it actually happened). Personally, I only apply this to the first phone call, it depends on how things go from that point. After that, usually 2 days (again, unless specified), really depends on the situation. I've learned not to jump into anything too quickly, so really not more often than that for a little while. Now if she calls me, and leaves me a message to call her back, I will do it within a day if not the same day. If she calls me every day, I don't have a problem with that. However if she starts calling me several times a day and we haven't been dating exclusively for some time, then it starts to appear she has some dependence issues and I may want to keep looking.