Why do guys stop talking to me?

I have been out with 3 guys and they have just stopped calling me. I met the first guy through a friend and we went out one time had a good time but he scared me, asked to go out again and the second time he stood me up. Then I met the next 2 guys online and the first guy was great we got along great, we were both looking for the same things. Then one day I text him and he never text me back. I have never heard from him since, we went out twice and both times were great. The last guy I met online and wanted sex, I told him that was fine but not the first time we met. We have talked for 2 weeks online and every time I asked to meet he never said anything. The last time we agreed to meet and then he stood me up and has not talked to me since. What did I do? What can I do to stop this from happening again?


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  • You aren't putting enough effort into this.


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  • it's not you. it's the guys are you're dating. I can't tell can what went wrong because I didn't see the body language or anything.