Men who look at other women - I need help understanding.....

I've read a million questions and answers on this topic but I need answers more specifically tailored to my scenario. My fiance took me up to Cape... Show More

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  • As long as he isn't making prolonged stares then you have nothing to worry about. What is causing him to notice these women is human instinct. Men are biologically programmed to selectively notice these features on women. Men are instinctively programmed to notice large breasts and butts. this is because a large butt would signify a higher success rate of child birth, as the child has more space. And large breasts signify a mother that would be able to properly nourish the baby. These instincts are still in tact, and he really can't help but notice, but as you say he can make an effort to look away when he does notice.

    Human consciousness and instinct are completely apart. He feels no emotional desire for these women when he notices them. I assure you human emotions, like love have evolved far beyond the point to where any random girl has any place in his mind or heart, other than you

    Hope this helps!


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    • I've already asked someone this question, but I appreciate your honesty, so I'm going to ask you as well. Men always joke about not getting married and how they couldn't stand to be with the same woman their whole this true? Because everyone keeps telling me not to worry, that he loves only ME, but for how long til he gets bored? He was also a virgin before me...which doesn't make me feel any better about this..

    • Nope, nope nope. Men are not biologically programmed to gawk at women's body parts. Sadly, men are socially conditioned to objectify women. Having larger breasts DOES NOT mean a higher success rate of nourishing a child, breasts of all shapes and sizes can be capable of nourishing a child. You don't even need breasts to nourish a child. Yes he can help himself from not treating women like they are only exist solely to sexually stimulate him. I believe men can be capable of treating women like human beings and not like objects and thinking critically of their actions (and not blaming their rude behavior on BS "instinct" excuses.)